Happy Halloweening

or, ‘Five Horror (Movie) Anthologies,’ but that doesn’t look so cool as a title. nor does ‘Five Horror-Antho Movies.’ really, I couldn’t find anything properly cool. and I’m far from the first dude to make a list like this — though I might be the first to limit it to just five? — and mine’s not nearly so wonderful and exhaustive as some, but still and anyway, here’s five I happen to especially dig:


The “Dream House” one if one of the better haunted house stories I’ve yet to luck onto.


Terror Tract

John Ritter. Three horror stories. Can’t miss.




“Father’s Day” is mandatory viewing in all circles I travel in.


Trilogy of Terror

Very Matheson. And all good horror comes in trilogies, as we all know.


Trick ‘r Treat

Long-delayed, then DVD only, but at last, it’s ours forevermore. Very slick.

Author: SGJ