Hey, not Key and Peele, but Peele and Us

My phone and podcasts were fried in a gym the other day, so I dialed back to 2016, to Jordan Peele before Get Out hit, and took over the world. Very cool episode, as they all are, but what’s especially cool is, at about the 48-, 49-minute mark, Peele, maybe not even thinking he’d ever get to make Us real, says what feels to me a lot like the seed of that story: the mom being the mom, but also not the mom. I would snip it out, post it here, but that feels . . . not bootleggy, but like the rest of the ep doesn’t matter. So, listen to it all, but listen real hard about 48, 49 minutes into things:

( not sure if this actually FROM that podcast recording, but, anyway, it’s what I found on my minimal image-search . . .

it’s too old to be on YouTube, so here’s the Apple podcasts link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/shock-waves/id1109880594?i=1000375109801. I’d guess it’s at Podbean or wherever too, though. If you have other links, slap them in the comments, of course.

Author: SGJ