Home Ground

amazon's pic of it

Just a quick note that Home Ground: Language for an American Landscape, edited by Barry Lopez is out. I have either twenty or twenty-one definitions in it, can’t recall (twenty-one, I think, which may be the most, who knows — my copy’s loaned out already). Anyway, click the pic to go to Amazon’s page. Also, the first line of Publisher’s Weekly’s review: “How to define an arroyo, badlands, eddy, a muskeg?” I think I did badlands, maybe. Anyway, it was a great project to work on, and great people to work with. An honor, all that, and a very unique book, I think. And, though I fully expected it to be a sixty dollar library job — I mean, it’s got all these drawings, cost Trinity just gobs of money both to produce and to market, but, somehow, it’s going for $20 or so. Which is a steal, really, because it’s a beautiful book. I’m proud to have been involved.

Author: SGJ