Last Couple of Mongrels Events

Really, I think I have a stash of pics from another Mongrels thing, but now I can’t remember where. But I know I have these two anyway, as they’re from the last couple days.

First was up in Fort Collins, with HEX-author Thomas Olde Heuvelt. And, Olde’s not a middle name, that’s just the first part of his last name. He’s a cool dude, smart guy, excellent horror writer.


We talked about where horror comes from, the kind of genesis for/of each of our books, and then we broke out some action figures and fought witches against wolves, complete with sound effects. As you do.

And here’s a string of cool happenings from last night in LA, at the Shades & Shadows reading, where, I have it on good authority, someone blacked out during a piece I was reading (also, when I looked up, there was one person who I think was gagging. it’s a cannibalism story, though. these are good signs).

So, here’s the crowd, milling about beforehand:


I should maybe note there that while aforesaid milling was going on? Me and Paul Tremblay were down the street at the wrong venue. Who knew one street could have two places called “Bearded Lady” within walking distance of one another?

Then, inside—man. Here’s how cool the venue was:


Here’s a telephoto shot of me, moving so fast that I was blurring:




And then less blurry (via Yennie Cheung):



That dude standing over the left, in the first of these two “action reading” pics? He was taking actually kind of high-quality photos (not to impugn Paul and Yennie’s clicking abilities . . .), so there should be some more showing up somewhere, someday.

And, talking Paul, here’s my favorite of his:


I don’t know who that one goofball is with the sideways head, there.

And? There’s a string of pics of me actually reading, but I can’t remember who took them, or where they posted, so: maybe I’ll sneak them in here some fine day? These pics, they were largely from Paul Tremblay, who also caught Cthulhu and me, gazing into the same old abyss as always:


Was great seeing everybody there.

And ? I remembered, I remembered! The other event. It was in Seattle. It went a little something like:

Clarion16a Clarion16c

Which is to say? Was so, so fun. Dig sharing this yellow book around, can talk werewolves forever and a day, and will be carrying it around to all my fall events as well. And thank you to whoever I’m stealing these Seattle pics from—I think they’re both Clarion West people. Which is to say: the cream of the cream of the cream of the crop (got to say it with that In the Heart of the Heart of the Country-lilt).

And, what say I close out with how you feel after spreading the werewolf gospel all over the (part of the) world (that I know):


[ like a hero ]

Author: SGJ