Looking for Sheriff Lobo

In Georgia, I mean, where I just was (GC&SU) to do a reading and meet many cool people. All kinds of fun (no recordings or pics that I know of, though); they have really old buildings there. I think some of them are Roman, even. And, Lobo — he was out of Georgia, right? I seem to remember the opening credits showing downtown Atlanta. Anyway, I miss him. It was only a thirty-minute show, as I recall, not a full hour like the Dukes got, but still, I mean, BJ & the Bear? You can pack a lot into thirty minutes. Though, talking BJ & the Bear, I was always very confused how he carried those red Firebirds (or were they TA’s?) around, just wherever he needed them. It did teach me that driving through a wall can solve a lot of life’s problems, though. And that it’s always to your advantage to know people with names like ‘Stax.’

Too, the Arts & Letters with “The Vanity of Open Spaces” is out, and just super sharp-looking.

Also, coming up, “This Is Not What I Meant” in Bust Down the Door and Eat all the Chickens, “The Mourners” and “Between” in Fourth River, and, if it works out, “Raphael” in Horror: The Best of the Year.

And, next week, I’m up in Colorado, reading. Should be a ball.

Author: SGJ