Lost & Found

Can’t find the message now, but I remember somebody asking in my inbox in some webmail on some pirate connection over the last three weeks or so where that old “T is for Title” post was. Well, just dug through the database for a ridiculous time, but found it, revived it, here.

Also, in looking for it, I noticed that that “Randomer & Randomer” post was jacking up the format for the whole site. So, it’s fixed now. Less space-efficient, but all in all happier too, so I can’t complain too much.

And, I really hate posting solely to talk about web-junk, so’ll duck out now, get back to the writing (prose, that is — which, the syntax of that really makes me wish I would end here with a banjo just trailing off, all happy and distant and unserious, but, alas, all that. please imagine one, anyway. or link us all to a cool little .wav of one).

Author: SGJ