Monster Covers

Stumbled onto this Vamp poster on Twitter, which got me thinking of The Howling novel cover, and now I’m just wishing there were covers as good for any version of The Mummy. There’s wonderful amazing stuff in places like this or this or this, but, man, for me, it’s when the art and the title combine to ‘evoke’ the movie in a way you didn’t even realize was missing:


And, if there’s monsters and blood, all the better. Obviously.

And, as for ones that stuck it the first time, didn’t need reimagining, there’s these. And, of course, where would any of us be without Ubik (Pinterest is a twitchy page, though, careful—at least if, like me, you don’t belong). Though, PKD, man, so much of his stuff got such cool covers.

Anyway, mostly just wanted to show Vamp and The Howling side by side.


Author: SGJ