New WordPress Theme!

Did it kind of arbitrarily well after midnight a night or two ago. Figured the old one, being a 2017-theme, was probably dragging a lot of slowdowns with it.

But? Could be some new and unfun bugs, I guess. If so, let me know somehow? A reply to this post, maybe?

And, not yet sure about the header image, my name top-center, all that. What’s there now was just temporary, while I was live-previewing this theme. Haven’t gone back and done anything better, yet. Maybe I’ll leave it—simple’s best, usually.

Anyway, might buy the pro version of this theme, see what it can really do. As for why I landed on it: all my sidebar stuff stayed the same, and my menus-with-submenus both work, and are in a place on the screen where them branching down doesn’t trash other stuff out. Oh, and: this theme plays nice with mobile and tablet, near as I can tell. Dry-ran some of the fancier themes, with a lot of bells and whistles, but they would have required me rebuilding from scratch, and it was already one in the morning . . .

So? Hope this new DemonTheory’s usable enough.

Author: SGJ