Night of the Mannequins

From Stephen Graham Jones returns with Night of the Mannequins, a contemporary horror story where a teen prank goes very wrong and all hell breaks loose: is there a supernatural cause, a psychopath on the loose, or both?

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The audiobook:

Kind words from amazing writers:

Stephen Graham Jones casts a dark spell with Night of the Mannequins. A master of the art, Jones continues to bend modern horror in strange and unnerving directions.

—Laird Barron

Stephen Graham Jones’s range and his understanding of horror in fiction and film  is staggering. In this novella he juggles– sometimes in very sly ways– slasher stories, coming of age horror, traditions of madness and unreliability, and Kaiju to create an amazingly speedy voice-driven read that’s tons of fun. Each new book of his gives his own take on a different facet of horror, and together they all add up to something really expansive and original.

—Brian Evenson

Reading Stephen Graham Jones is like sitting in the corner of a bar with an old friend, and everyone quiets down the moment they start telling a story. Night of the Mannequins is dark and twisted, funny, a little crazy, and unsettling as hell. The opening setup gets way under your skin, and then Jones takes the story somewhere much darker than you imagined. If there’s an heir apparent to the kind of no-rules, wild imagination, down home storytelling perfected by Joe R. Lansdale, it’s this guy right here. Read him.

—Christopher Golden

Stephen Graham Jones’ has one of the most gripping, stream-of-consciousness voices in horror fiction. Night of the Mannequins is propulsive and poignant, capturing the mundane terror of adolescence, and adding that ever-so-essential dab of killer mannequin. You won’t put it down.

—Sarah Langan

Wicked and wry, this is a terrific story by one of my favorite writers, Stephen Graham Jones. Tip-top with a twist of dead. The narrator’s first person delivery is the most notable aspect of this surprising and creepy tale that nods to popular stalker-killer films of the past, but is so much better than the bulk of those films, and what an ending. You definitely need this.

—Joe R. Lansdale

Sly, surprising psychic sleight-of-hand, in a tale of teenage madness where the next plastic face might be your own.

—John Skipp

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