Noir at the Bar

Was a good time last night. My first time at the Mercury Cafe, too (Boulder people don’t get to Denver too often—it’s weird, I know, but neither do Denver people trek out here to Boulder much either). Meaning, I didn’t know what door to use, meaning: of course I ended up circulating at a wedding for a few minutes before finally asking the photographer where the horror reading part of all this was going to be.

One redirect later, I found my people:

Or, rather, in a pic courtesy Nick Anderson:

That’s a Fright-rags Cabin the Woods shirt I’m wearing, yep. And, this makes two Saturdays in a row I’ve got to hang out with Mario and Steve and Sean and Sam, anyway, and the first time I’ve seen Molly in a while. Just meeting Brian and Carina, but sure I’ll be seeing them around this scene all the time, now that  I know them.

Anyway, was a good time. Here’s Petra Miller’s rogues gallery of . . . I think that’s all of us except Carina, maybe? And, if this isn’t the order we read in, this is the order I remember it all happening, anyway:

[ they should click to the original-sized file, maybe? ]

And, was especially cool: someone who’d been to a reading I did in . . . Minnesota, I think, was in town, saw this was happening, and showed up. Complete surprise. Jessica Guess:


And, thanks to Sam W. Anderson for making this happen. And? I turned down an invitation to keynote it up in Serbia to stay here, hang at the Mercury. Glad I did. We got a good crew of genre people here in Colorado. Proud to be a part.


Author: SGJ