October events

October, man, it’s a busy time for horror writers. Wouldn’t have it any other way:

And, if lists and links are easier:

Oh, and I’m a doing a zombie talk as well, and I’m at Southern Alabama on the 29th, reading and visiting:

Hope to see you at one of these. Probably not all, because that’s crazy. And: Happy Halloween. Not sure yet what I’m being, but, first, I’m of course being the dude who goes to as many haunted houses/attractions as possible, and sees every horror movie opening or streaming this month. Here’s a Halloweenie pic from MileHiCon . . . last year, maybe? Year before? Anyway, I WAS doing a facepaint hockey mask, but then I forgot I got all this hair and nothing was working and I was late for my panel, so I just went:

with Sarena Ulibarri. and, when I say “I” was doing my facepaint, I mean my wonderful patient kind caring perfect WIFE had been compelled/fooled/blackmailed to do it at the verymost last minute there could have been. as ever
Author: SGJ