Pubs update, etc

That Grasslimb with my “Code” in it is out now. Too, just got a story picked up by Doorways. Very cool place. And a couple of really short pieces, “‘Tis the Season” and “Animals I’ve Known” are up soon in Passages North, and “The Mourners” should be in Fourth River any moment here. And, while I’m just recklessly listing: still excited about “do(this)” in Asimov’s soon and “Hell on the Homefront Too” (old BJ Thomas title I nabbed) in the next Cemetery Dance and “Pistil, Stamen, Bloom” in Kaleidotrope just any second now, I hope. Also, “The Sadness of Two People Meeting in a Bar,” it’s either already in or in the next issue of Red Rock Review. As for that “The Fatherland is Rich and Varied,” I haven’t talked to Liquid Ohio (link?) in a while, so not sure what’s up. Could be the story caused them to close up shop or something. It’s happened before.

And of course, for anybody who missed “Raphael,” or just wants an excellent and supercool anthology, you can order it on Amazon, looks like: The Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 2006.

And, that issue of Yellow Medicine Review I edited, bam, it’s out, here. Doesn’t look like the cover’s posted yet, but man, it’s supersharp. I want to use it for the cover of everything I do from here on out, I think.

Too, if anybody’s missed it, Sherman Alexie’s got another new book out, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian. Just guessing, but I’d say it’s probably pretty excellent.

And, last, here in October I’m going to be lucky enough to hang out with Joe Lansdale some. Such a good writer. Purely an honor. Seems that panel I was on with him a year or two back is maybe recorded, maybe even linked somewhere in this chutes & ladders blog of thing. But no time to ferret it out now — about to go cook about fifteen pounds of elk on the grill. Good times, good times.

Author: SGJ