Quincy Mueller Forgot How To Die

Can’t imagine what chance I really have here, against who-all I’m up against, but “Captain’s Lament” (from Clarkesworld) is shortlisted for a Black Quill over at Darkscribe. Register and vote? Not necessarily for me, but, y’know, for the best story. As for links for others :

–Paul Tremblay’s “The Blog at the End of the World,” which of course already won the contest over at Chizine

–Stephen Dedman’s “Teeth” (not to be confused with this Stephen’s “Teeth” in Brutarian)

–Michael Colangelo’s “Dust and Bibles

–and, I’ve got the Doorways Lee Thomas’s “Turtle” is in (I’m in that one too, I think), but probably shouldn’t be scanning it in.

( for some reason I can’t dig Sarah Langan‘s story up from HorrorWorld, though — anybody got the/a link? )

Author: SGJ