Readercon 2009

Readercon report: got to sit down with Ellen Datlow, got to shake hands with Peter Straub, got to listen to Samuel Delaney and Gene Wolf talk, got to be on a panel with John Crowley, got to hang with friends new and old — Paul Tremblay, Laird Barron, Michael Cisco — bought so many Weird Tales and excellent books, nabbed too many Underland Press stickers, met Sean Wallace, my new editor, slept very little, got lots of cool links that maybe I’ll post in here later, ate club sandwich after club sandwich, hold the pickles very far away, please. Pics of a lot of it here.

Most important, though, I got to move among people who read and write what I love to read and write, people who live in those same textual spaces, have the same dreams, those same necessary suspicions about the world.

Author: SGJ