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I used to be better about doing this—collecting snapshots from the last couple weeks or so, stacking them in a post—but I somehow let that drift away. So, maybe this’ll be me starting that up again? Who knows. Anyway, DCC would be in here, but I had to ghost out of all my panels last-minute, as I was already scheduled to be at Juniper Writing Institute (double-booking: my fault). But, before that, I was at UCR-PD‘s MFA graduation ceremony, both watching a couple of my thesis students walk that stage and warming that stage up with a commencement address:

[ Those last two are by Tara Gray ]

Then, just tonight, was a reading at Juniper Writing Institute here in Amherst with the amazing Evie Shockley (not pictured) (obviously):

[ guessing more will turn up from/of this. will post if so. this snapshot is from @sagescrittore ]

And, yes, those are Nooz specs I’m wearing, to read the tiny-tiny print of States of Grace.

Oh, and—to get back to California for a moment—I trucked my bike along with me to the desert this time, did a lot of this in the dry, dry heat:

Some of these twisty rocky bouncy bike-chewing-up climbs, man: I had to email a friend in town (Jill Essbaum) before going up, just so that if she didn’t see me later, she could call out the dogs and helicopters.

Anyway, next event . . . I think it’ll be IAIA, in July, maybe? Think so. Been trying to keep July mostly empty of stuff, but this is way at the end of July, so, you know: hardly even July at all anymore. And I always dig being at IAIA.

Author: SGJ