Do You Like Scary Movies?

If you like a good gory time with some ridiculous storytelling and nothing but laughs, you can’t do better than Gravy:

If you like that, then Murder Party‘s a sure bet:

And it goes without saying that Trick ‘r Treat is called for this time of year:

And, for something less silly that comes in one-two punch form (there’s a third, too, if the first two leave you all leaning forward, and you have to fall into something), Cold Prey and Cold Prey II are some solid Norwegian slasher fun:

And if, like me, you both A) LOVE werewolves forever and ever, and B) think there’s something just so cool about watching movies around Halloween that actually have a Halloween party going on in them, then Ginger Snaps is exactly where it’s at:

And, for one last standby, one last one that once upon a time changed my life, made me see how good and wonderful and fun horror can be, settle in for some Return of the Living Dead:

As for me, aside from these, I’ve got big plans to finally cue Slice up:

And I may cue Candyman up again, since I hear Eli Roth’s History of Horror really hits it hard, and I want to be completely cued in for that:

And I’ll end with one I keep meaning to see, that everybody is always so insulted I don’t know, and, I mean, I got no explanation—somehow this one just slipped past, and I never went back to check it out. But I know I need to. Body Bags:

Anyway, it’s always better to watch a horror movie than to be in a horror movie. Stay safe this season, everyone, and keep it spooky.

Author: SGJ