Not the order to watch them in—chronological makes sense, there’s no skip ‘n pick Heather trilogy here—but from best on down, for me:

Scream 3 Poster Design Concepts

Which I guess would be “Kevin Williamson order,” kind of? He is the one with the magic pen for this franchise. Anyway, when Scre4m came out, I wasn’t so hot on it, as I recall. Few rewatches later and I’m a believer. And I don’t mean to talk bad about 3, of course; Ehren Kruger looped the story back on itself in a very cool, very self-contained way, and Parker Posey does a killer over-the-top Gale. But that Cotton Weary opening isn’t quite as cool as 2’s Stab premiere blood offering.

Anyway, just through these four again, this last week. Which I’ll do again in a few more weeks. It’s the cycle I’ve been in for quite a while now, I guess. No reason to ever try to get out of it.

Author: SGJ