September Events

Busy month, but aren’t they all:

September 1: Pixel Project live Q&A (I’m posting this after I actually did it…)

September 6: giving the keynote address for Lighthouse’s The Book Project:

September 13th: introducing Friday the 13th at Alamo Draft House, the Sloane’s Lake location:

September 14th: reading at Bookbar for Inkwell’s Indigenous Writers Night (in the afternoon, I believe):

September 17th: on stage at Unity Church (right by Boulder Bookstore—it’s their spillover event space) interviewing Salman Rushdie:

September 19th: Western Literature Association’s panel (way up in the mountains) “Deconstructing and Reconstructing Indigenous Families and Identities”

September 28th: on a couple of panels at Saugatuck StoryFest

Then, barely back from that, I’m off to New York Comic Con for a whirlwind of a time, but that’s October, not September . . .

Author: SGJ