Seventy-Four Horror Movies

So, I saw that Paul Tremblay and Jesse Bullington threw down the seventy-four movie gloves, so I made up a list last Wednesday, then promptly blasted off for Minnesota without posting it, only just now remembered, thanks to Travis Hedge Coke’s list of ten. Also, I really wanted to read their lists, but really didn’t want to steal from their lists. So, as soon as I post this, I’m tabbing over, inhaling a hundred and fifty-eight titles. See what-all I missed (ahem: Pan’s Labyrinth?). How much it’s going to hurt that I neglected what’s probably by fourth favorite or something. And, I should note here, that, though these are all in some kind of arrangement, yeah—Scream’s forever at the top of my list, and the rest I filled in as they came to me (I have twenty minutes, here, I think)—still, seventy-four’s a tall order. At the same time, I excluded a lot more than I let in.

1) Scream
2) Feast
3) All the Boys Love Mandy Lane
4) Jacob’s Ladder
5) A Nightmare on Elm Street
6) Idle Hands
7) Return of the Living Dead
8) Pontypool
9) Leslie Vernon: Behind the Mask
10) Paranormal Activity
11) Halloween
12) Friday the 13th IV
13) Event Horizon
14) Alien
15) Relic [I say monster movies count]
16) Ginger Snaps
17) Session 9
18) Pet Sematary
19) Ravenous
20) The Murder Party
21) Lord of Illusions
22) The Omen
23) Black Christmas
24) Friday the 13th III
25) Sorority Row [remake]
26) Hellraiser
27) Psycho
28) The Mothman Prophecies
29) My Bloody Valentine [remake]
30) Night of the Living Dead
31) The Ring
32) Rammbok
33) Return to Horror High
34) Hostel
35) The Haunting
36) Popcorn
37) The Exorcist
38) Boy Eats Girl
39) Severance
40) Black Sheep
41) Turistas
42) The Devil’s Rejects
43) Wes Craven’s New Nightmare
44) Sunshine (I consider it horror)
45) Dead Set (I also count TV miniseries)
46) A Tale of Two Sisters
47) Re-Animator
48) Isolation
49) The Wicksborough Incident (forever traumatized, here)
50) Frozen
51) The Grudge
52) Dead & Breakfast
53) Just Before Dawn
54) I Know What You Did Last Summer
55) Final Destination III
56) Saw III
57) House of the Devil
58) Night of the Demons [remake]
59) Shutter
60) Out of the Dark
61) The Burning
62) May
63) Twenty-Eight Days Later
64) Poltergeist
65) Jaws
66) Prophecy [the Walken-one, though I did the bear-one as well]
67) Trick ‘r Treat
68) The Ruins
69) Harpoon
70) Urban Legend
71) Dead End
72) Rest Stop
73) Dead Birds
74) The Orphanage

Author: SGJ