Site health: much better

Same theme—I need one with A) menus at the top, B) branching submenus, and C) a right panel/column—but everything’s moving much faster now. Upgraded my WordPress hosting stuff, cleaned up a lot of stuff behind the curtains, and . . . I can finally again do galleries, I think. A little test, just using random recent stuff:

Works, I think. Works differently than it used to, in that it auto-selects different image-sizes (thumbnail, “large,” all that), but it’s all editable. Was so tired of using that other gallery-thing. Thrilled I can just do galleries the normal way again. But, no, I won’t go back and switch all the months of galleries I was having to do that other way. That’d be a mountain of clicking.

I did just notice that, who knows why, “Events” no longer show up in the right pane. Who knows why. But, I haven’t added any since Dec, I don’t think. I know it auto-hides when there’s nothing coming. Just did a test event for tomorrow, though, and: still nothing. Not sure what’s going on there. Might actually try to solve this one, some afternoon soon, here.

Anyway, got scripts and revisions do, so won’t have time in the coming weeks to mess with switching themes. And then it’s bouncing around for The Angel of Indian Lake and rewriting Last Stand at Saber Ridge and the summer tour for I Was a Teenage Slasher, so . . . I’ll probably be happy with this theme for a while. It’s got some weirdness with the header-img stuff (that’s why it’s just blank), which is my fault, probably, for sneaking that rotating tag up there under the title, but . . . I don’t know, maybe I steal forty-five minutes at some point and figure it out. Or maybe I don’t. Though? Maybe I just dial back to WordPress’s 2017 theme, I think it was/is; I liked that one, and everything worked in it, more or less. We’ll see. Not this moment. Got to be hammering on a script. Well, after a bike ride, it’s script-hammering time.

And, as always, if you stumble on dead links or stuff not directing right, let me know, I’ll try to address it.

Thanks for being here.

Author: SGJ