well, okay, Pinhead’s maybe not a true and classic slasher. but he’s got the look, anyway, and has been pretty vital to this project we call horror. was going to synch some music up with this, but have no clue how, without going the Flash-route. anyway, the bigger version’s here.

a very brady horror film

as to why I killed two hours of my afternoon making this:

  • it’s lead-in for a Horror-IQ type quiz I’ll be posting here, as soon as I get a copy of Demon Theory, so I can track down the necessary page numbers (provided I keep it rigged like that–where it requires page numbers)
  • tomorrow morning, fates willing, I’m meeting somebody in town, so I can finally, for however long the moment lasts (we’re talking horizontal time here, not vertical–ie, clock-ticks, not depth or intensity), hold that box I keep my heart in, Demon Theory.
Author: SGJ