Society Isn’t Doomed

mix Buzzfeed‘s “23 Things that Prove Society is Doomed” with Salon‘s “War & Peace on the Subway: How Your iPhone is Saving Literature,” then angle it through my publicists’ rose-colored glasses, and you end up with something a lot  like:

1. Sitting together and reading still counts as socializing:

↳ Via, once upon a time.

2. It’s considered polite not to read over your date’s shoulder:

↳ Used to be via

3. Fill the steps between class and the bus stop with a book:

↳ I wonder if these kids know they’re in the original of this image from

4. Books, for all the many time-outs and half-times of the sporting events you attend:

↳ Somebody here forgot their book . . . (Originally via

 5. “There’s such a glare in here, we’re all having to hold our phones at odd angles to see the pages of these books”:

↳ Used to be from, but the internet broke because the URL was too long.

10. Sometimes chivalry is a race. She’s trying to gift him the book before he can buy it himself:

↳ Originally via, which has to be either a radio station or a cigarette.

11. Sure, Thomas Cole is good, but if you want zombies, you’re going to have crack a book open:


 12. When you don’t know what to say, maybe a book can help:

↳ Used to be via And no, I’m not getting paid for the product placement. Though I am now thirsty.

16. They’re reading so fast it’s making their faces blur:

↳ Originally via Unless Samara’s holding that camera . . .

18. He’s putting a bookmark in his audio novel:

↳ Via once upon a time. A site I’ve never, never been to.

19. It’s not considered ‘time-out’ if you’ve got a book. With a book, you can still escape to anywhere:

↳ Original via



 stephen graham jones
Author: SGJ