Stranger Things

Dug it, of course. How not to? Just done with it a couple nights ago, I guess (binge-watching: not for me), and am now peeling through all the links I’d saved back for when spoilers didn’t matter. Was going to write something about what worked, what didn’t—very little didn’t—but then Chuck Wendig did hisTerrible Minds thing and scooped us all: “Ten Things Stranger Things Taught Me About Storytelling.”

And here’s some of the other Stranger Things things I can now finally get to clicking on:

Stranger Things featurette: Winona Ryder takes you behind the scenes

Stranger Things creators on mixing Spielberg, Carpenter and King

How the New Movie Adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘It’ Is Responsible for ‘Stranger Things’

And, it’s way past my pay-grade or web-IQ, figuring out why those third and fourth links won’t indent like the first two, and why one of them auto-sized bigger than the rest. And I’ve got to get to writing anyway . . .

But, before I’m gone into storyland: what excites me most about Stranger Things, it’s that now we can maybe expect a lot of fish maturing very quickly in that pond-becoming-a-lake-becoming-a-sea, now that there’s more food possible at the surface . Meaning, not just more like this, but more that are trying to innovate past this. And that’s how magic happens: many failing and failing hard to clone the success, but one fish just closing its eyes and flopping past the bank altogether, and becoming something else. We would never have got A Nightmare on Elm Street without five films a week trying to cash in on Friday the 13th, would we? I’m excited what Stranger Thing‘s Freddy might be.

Author: SGJ