Tattered Cover with Richard Kadrey

Remember how in Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home” video, there’s all these slow-motion, black and white scenes from before and after and during the concert, the tour, this life on the road? That’s what Billy Stratton’s snapshot of Richard and Kadrey last night at Tattered Cover reminds me of:


What’s especially cool about that? For once I actually even pulled my OWN phone out, and snapped a picture of the audience, for the exact reverse shot:


Was a great time: big crowd with a lot of questions. We never even got around to reading, just ended up talking to each other, fielding questions. Topics addressed ranged from David Lynch to advice to a twelve-year-old, and all points between. Here’s us digging deep into the world:


And, was completely, and in the most cool way, blindsided by a couple of ex-students showing up—Tom Mavroudis and Natalie Ferrigno:


And here’s me and Billy—Billy who took a couple of these shots, and also Billy who’s editor of that Critical Companion, out before too long:


And, of course, it ended with Richard and me signing these for a long-long line of people:


All in all, another great night, another cool event.

And? We’re doing it again tonight, at Boulder Bookstore.

Author: SGJ