Ten Scariest Scenes from Horror Movies

This was the easiest list to make. These are the images and jump-scares I think of first thing each night at two or three in the morning when I wake up. Take last night for example: I’m gonesville when I hear something crash downstairs. Or, I hear the end of it. So of course I have to investigate. By degrees. And, instead of anything understandable, what it is that fell is this skeleton hand we keep perched on an antique typewriter. Why it would fall at three in the morning, I have not a clue. But, going back up the stairs, these are all the scenes that assault me.

That (not really a) nun-with-garden-shears way down the hall in Exorcist III:










that drowned doppelganger/future self suddenly on the stairs in The Abandoned
that girl in the closet in The Ring. Either version










that mom crawling then floating in the bedroom in The Tale of Two Sisters
the dead wife suddenly popping up in bed in The Mothman Prophecies








“Katie” sleepwalking in Paranormal Activity
contorted on the floor just all at once when I’m LEAST EXPECTING IT in The Exorcism of Emily Rose











I propose that the ending of the director’s cut of Darkness (2002) is the scariest ending in all of horrordom. just screencapping it out, I got terrified all over again
this from The Omen made me terrified of showing up in any photograph, and set me up perfect for The Ring, and Final Destination











This, from Juon, is a jump-scare I’ve still yet to get over

So, now the job for me, it’s to somehow get back upstairs when the house is all empty. One trick I’ve learned is to pretend for the dogs that I’ve got some kind of treat for them. They follow and follow, not meaning to use their ears and noses, not meaning to give me the company I need. And then, a few minutes later, we’re upstairs, and all’s well. Unless this is the time they’ve grown weary of this game. Which is to say, yes, I looked for a picture of that dog from The Omen, but couldn’t find it framed the way I wanted it. And no way am I putting that DVD in the player right now. Seriously: no way. I’m not even going over to the shelf, to see if I’ve got it or if it’s loaned out. I’m not even taking out the disc that’s in the player now. These are the self-preservation instincts I’ve learned, through years of watching horror. There are rules if you want to survive, and you can’t deviate. Watching The Omen alone in a house, that breaks about seven of them, right there.

Happy halloween. Stay scared.

Author: SGJ