Thanos #spoiler

He’s Adrian Veidt with a cosmic version of the Redeker Plan, yeah? It’s a good build for a bad guy. I miss his old “I want to kill half the universe as a gift for Death, whom I love love love”-angle from the comics, but I think this version plays better. Or, it doesn’t have a self-destruct button built in.

Also, wonder if Deadpool will say anything about Brolin being both Thanos and Cable? Or, how can he not?

Anyway, Infinity War was a good time. Especially dug Quill’s insecurity regarding the super-manly Thor. Kind of bummed the forest around Wakanda got all tore up, but, I mean, glad to see NYC and DC and LA finally get a sort-of break.

Also, I kept thinking that Thanos underling / big boss with the hammeraxe-on-a-chain was going to be Abomination—the brow ridge, the scales—but I guess he wasn’t? Kept waiting for some Adam Warlock action too, but maybe that’s next time around. Also, I’m SUPER excited that Stormbreaker is on the scene. That means Beta Ray Bill can’t be far behind, right? He’s always been my favorite. Such a hopeful dude, with very little forethought in all things. It’s a philosophy I kind of adhere to.


Author: SGJ