The Minotaur at the End of Love

hey, because somebody over at the Velvet asked for it, I dug up an old story I’d wholly forgotten about, sucked it into flash, put it in that little story list to the left, here. I remember writing all these, this ‘office’ series of stories. ‘Amateur Hour’ was in there, as was that ‘Jumpers,’ still forthcoming. seems there were some more, too–‘Doesn’t Play Well With Other Children,’ I recall very clearly–but who knows where they all went.

anyway, this: “The Minotaur at the End of Love

if I can remember/find the time, I’ll put some hoaky ‘NEW!’ sticker down there on it somehow. when in fact it’s years and years old. oh, yeah: this was the first story I ever had nominated for a Pushcart, too (which I’ve still never been in). originally ran in a cool little mag Iconoclast. not sure if it’s still around anymore, even.

Author: SGJ