the new site here

So, post-hack, lost a few posts, all the comments, and have yet to get everything tailored exactly as I want it, but’s more or less functional again, even if the images &etc in some of the links aren’t going to work anymore. And the menus and boxes will continue to change, as I figure out what does and doesn’t work. Actually going to use categories this time around, anyway. Should help. Anyway, any grievous kind of problems, obviously missing posts, all that, let me know? I’ve still got various versions of the hacked and burned db, could maybe pull something out, if I knew to look for it.

And, yeah, it looks like the posts on the blog are all posting backwards/upside down, and they kind of are, but those new timestamps are hardcoded in, and I don’t want to go mysql to change each and every one. I could flip the display order, I’m sure, except then this post would get hidden way on some thirtieth page deep. so, trick is, until I get enough posts to fill up the front of the blog page, it’s going to look a bit gamey. However, just navigate with the categories &etc, and things should all be well. or, of course: do whatever you want. except break in, erase all kinds of random stuff.

So, until next site update, which I hope is years and years away . . .

Author: SGJ