The Olden Days

I think when you’re not on facebook all that terrible much—or maybe it’s this way for everyone?—when you do log on, the system serves up some of your old posts for your eyes only, kind of like giving you ideas for how a post works, I guess, or what counts as content, or perhaps it’s, I don’t know, assuming your life is a void now, so it’s time to start mining your own past for shareable stuff. Always feels like it’s saying, “Remember when we used to have fun? Look, here’s proof. It can be this way again.”

But maybe I’m assigning more agenda to an algorithm than it deserves.

Anyway, while I don’t ever click “(re)share” on those, just because it feels like I’m putting my forepaw into some sort of noose—no, it’s more like a slide, like that’ll be the first slippery step, and them I’m just plummeting down and around and and and—here’s the last two it shuffled up to me. I would think randomly, except I know nothing’s random on social media, everything’s tied to the your profile, to whatever cookie’s you’re dragging, to whatever music you’re playing, to whatever the app can hear in the background, to whatever data place X can buy from place Y, all that truly terrifying stuff meant to direct your clicks here and not there.

Reason I’m pasting them up here is that I think it’s kind of cool that they’re from four and six years ago, and they’re both showing some werewolfery. I would say they’re both “improbably” showing some werewolfery . . . except where my tastes run (ie, “under the full moon”), the actually-improbable card to get shuffled to the top of the pack, it would be the non-wolfie one.



Of note here: man, my hair used to be so less grey, even just four years ago. Also: that demon or whatever in that Conan—I can’t re-look at it, I gave it away to someone—he looks like the blue cousin of this Thundarr the Barbarian regular:


Author: SGJ