The Road, the Pulitzer

“In a great turnaround, upstart Cormac McCarthy’s novel The Road, billed as something of an homage to The Omega Man‘s Charlton Heston, whom McCarthy once did stunt-work for, but owing more probably to Walter Miller, Jr.’s A Canticle for Liebowitz, managed to steal the 2007 Pulitzer for fiction from — “

Okay, sorry. Just figured out that any book I put in there’s either going to be insulting that book or trying to pull down The Road. Neither of which I want to do. And putting Demon Theory there’d be almost as cheap as just mentioning it here.

So, just the news: The Road won. Too, as you can tell from me putting it down below in that list, it’s kind of grown on me the farther I get from it (this is back just after I hit it). No clue at all what it was even against, Pulitzer-wise. Do we ever even know?

And, oh yeah: the link to the announcement, other winners, etc (you have to click around a bit, though). Though if you’re looking for cool, breathtaking links: this.

Also, in the way of news: yeah, Demon Theory was listed to be coming out in paperback a few days ago. However, that wouldn’t be scary, ie, fitting for a horror novel at all, would it? Rather, it’s going to make a sound in the living room, and you’re going to get up in the middle of the night to maybe check that out, and, man, there it’ll be on the coffee table, the tv tuned to static above it, of course. A cat screeching out of the closet, because cats know how horror works.

Author: SGJ