The Word for World is Forest

AVATAR 3D in IMAX, wow. it’s SCANNER DARKLY and FERN GULLY and BRAVEHEART as percolated up through DANCES WITH WOLVES and POCAHONTAS. loved it in spite of those last two, even. and, though I can’t find it in his bibliography now, I was pretty sure I’d read a Samuel Delaney book/story about wearing bodies like suits to explore alien planets, and the explorers wearing those bodies of course just running off into this new place, never coming back. help? were they called ‘lopers,’ maybe? too, I saw in the credits that Wes Studi was in this somewhere, but can’t figure where. could be of course he was Na’vi, and, thus, only recognizable by voice. which I’m forever terrible with (I should have made Zoe Saldana under all that digital Mystique make-up, though, as I rehit STAR TREK again just last night). too, as I just finished Card’s XENOCIDE, was of course very sad to see AVATAR’s mother tree die as well. that’s what you got to do to make the story good, though, I know. I know. and, Giovani Ribisi, if I’m spelling that right: he still says ‘Zero’ cooler than any human. or at least he did back in that lightning-boy episode of X-FILES. how’s he say it? same way that “Someone’s at the door”-kid would have said it way back in that AMERICAN GOTHIC series (the one forever ago — wasn’t there another, recently?). And Sigourney Weaver’s cool, of course, and it looks like Cameron did the most work with her, with grafting her ‘real’ face over to the/a Na’vi. and of course Ana Lucia’s really on the side of the good guys; it’s her thing. and, the novelization of this, it’s got to look like a PERN novel, yeah? a PERN novel with cat people. that are blue. hope it does anyway. I’d write it

Author: SGJ