This is Not Oklahoma

and, nothing against Oklahoma, either. I watched Saving Grace, I mean, and I’ve read some good books and stories out of there — however, when I wrote ATBS, I remember very specifically driving everybody way around Oklahoma. Just because I knew that if I let anybody set tire there, that the story was going to be forever getting up to Kansas like ATBS needed.

None of which is what I’m about to link, here. What I’m linking is my invective against “OK.” At the spanky new LitReactor. Click here. Though, people who have been through my classroom, you of course already know that you don’t get credit for your whole assignment or submission (or life) if you ever utter “OK” or “O.K.” on the page. It’s a word. You spell it with four letters. It’s not that complicated.

I never thought I’d be a crusader, really. But then I never thought people would resist doing what’s obviously right and proper. Maybe this’ll convert a human or two, though. Or make somebody reconsider how they’ve been living up until now. And what a charade it’s possibly been. And how there’s an authentic life just on the other side of those four letters.

Author: SGJ