This Week in Booklandia

Started the week out talking to Billy Stratton’s Native American Lit course (st DU) about Mongrels for . . . I guess it was nearly two hours. Two very cool hours, that I wish had been four:

( was possibly showing off the Turkish edition, yeah. both shots via Billy Stratton )

That class had some solid questions.

Then it was off to Baton Rouge (where I still am), to deliver a keynote, “Why Horror,” for the Graphic Carnival conference at LSU, and do a goodlong Q&A on horror afterward. Here’s the program:

And here’s a snapshot of the keynote happening:

There would be video, but I hear the camera did something screwy that erased it all. No worries, though. Now that I’ve tried that talk out on a crowd, I may find a way to turn it into an essay or something.

Anyway, home soon. Swinging through Houston airport, which means, you guessed it:

just what a burger should be

Oh, and a cool thing that’ll probably never happen again: coming THROUGH Houston, I was standing by the mural’d up window of that Whataburger in the airport, and the older couple standing beside me was fondly reminiscing to each other about “Don and Cheryl,” or whoever the owners/starters of Whataburger were—they were the ones on the Rockwell-ish painting taking up the whole wall/window. Evidently they’d been friends with them or something back in the day, and still know their kids. Which? I wasn’t AT the source, but I was kind of source-adjacent for a moment, anyway.

I’ll take it. And also a triple-meat to go, nothing but ketchup on it, and some large fries with no salt, please. and whatever’s the tallest tea you got, thanks.

( sniped in, added this a couple days later, thus the date not matching the post . . . )
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