Three Things

1. Just got a story, “Lonegan’s Luck,” accepted by New Genre. Like most stories if you peel them back far enough, this one, too, is a zombie western. Nearly forty pages of it.

2. Doomsday opens tomorrow. Very excited. Looks like all the elements I look for in high-calibre, life-altering cinema, they’re here. Which is to say that if Tina Turner waltzes on, starts singing, that’ll only make things twice as good. Too, cool that Rhona Mitra’s in it. She was great in The Life of David Gale (which I thought deserved four stars from Ebert, not the zero he gave it), and excellenter than ever in Highwaymen. I would remember her from Skinwalkers too, except I got to that five minutes late, couldn’t figure out what was or wasn’t happening (except that, yes, there would be wolves), so I slipped catlike into some other movie. Looks like she’s soon to be in the next installment of Underworld, too. All kinds of horror goodness. But that’s a redundant thing to say; horror is goodness.

3. My new and forever hero, his name is Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. He’s the bad guy on Phineas & Ferb, which I’m just wholly and completely addicted to. And yeah, so Perry the Platypus takes him down pretty much every episode, but Doofenshmirtz, he’s got style. If I’m ever a bad guy in a cartoon, he’s who I’m going to be.

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Author: SGJ