Thus Spake Pumpkinhead

Don’t know if everybody’s been keeping up, but over at Popmatters Marco Lanzagorta (of the never uncool “Dread Reckoning“) has been doing a Night of the Living Dead fortieth anniversay essay collection the last five days. Some ridiculously cool stuff, including a little intro from Romero. Anyway, got a piece up there today, as a Happy Halloween trick. Title / link: “The Kind of Murder Happy Characters We Have Here.” About, um, you guessed it: zombies. Too, the illustration they gave me’s so cool, so perfect. Would nab it, paste it up here, but you need to get yourself over to Popmatters, just see it all.

Too, a quick link to the flyer for my reading in Portland in a couple of weeks. Click here.

And, hope the night treats you well. Me, I hit The Asylum last night, Terror in the Corn before that, and may have to try the 13th Floor before it’s all said and done. Was a pirate for all of yesterday too; my eyes are still all lined black and blurry. Today, though, I think it’s Jason. If I hit the theater in costume too, it’ll likely be for ROCKNROLLA, but maybe they won’t kick me out. Then again, not like I’ve never been forcibly removed from a movie theatre on Halloween before . . .

Author: SGJ