TOC for Final Cuts

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One of Ellen Datlow’s new anthologies*. This one’s all film-adjacent horror:

  • Das Gesicht by Dale Bailey                                                  
  • Drunk Physics by Kelley Armstrong                                    
  • Exhalation #10  by A. C. Wise                                                          
  • Scream Queen by Nathan Ballingrud                                      
  • Family by Lisa Morton                                                         
  • Night of the Living by Paul Cornell                                        
  • The One We Tell Bad Children by Laird Barron                    
  • Snuff in Six Scenes by Richard Kadrey                                  
  • Insanity Among Penguins by Brian Hodge                            
  • From the Balcony of the Idawolf Arms By Jeffrey Ford      
  • Lords of the Matinee by Stephen Graham Jones                   
  • A Ben Evans Film by Josh Malerman                                   
  • The Face is a Mask by Christopher Golden                          
  • Folie à deux, or The Ticking Hourglass by Usman T. Malik 
  • Hungry Girls by Cassandra Khaw                                         
  • Many Mouths to Make a Meal by Garth Nix                                  
  • Altered Beast, Altered Me by John Langan    

* not to be confused with The Cutting Room, of course.

Author: SGJ