Trick or Treat

Just three four FIVE fast things, as I’m spending most of the day being properly foolish:

  1. What I wouldn’t give to be hitting this haunted house.
  2. That Asimov’s with my “do(this)” is on the shelves (the cover’s below the fold here, here. click it to go to the site).
  3. This is great (“Reaper Madness”).
  4. I’ve got a post over at Slushpile today, here.
  5. The NBA’s going again, which, you’d think it’d greatly slow down the thing I’m writing right now (a slasher screenplay), but, it usually works the other way. Kobe & Co. pretty much just serve to remind me that writing’s what I do. Or, I mean, what I do, anyway, it’s definitely not basketball, at least not how they play it.

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Author: SGJ