Two Fast Links

Texas Monthly‘s been doing this serial novel, TWIN WELLS. I’ve got chapter 11. Podcast too. Here. First line: “Baldwin wished he could have mustered a bit more surprise when the dead man rose from the road in the sheriff’s headlights.”

New interview up at Rain Taxi.

And a third link too: I’m on Facebook now, finally. Been getting the invites forever, never clicked all the way through until now. This could be the link. Maybe?

And fourth non-link, though I’ll do it better later: November 19th, I’m doing a couple of readings up in Portland. Times and venues coming soon.

Other than that, just wishing I had a copy of TORSO. BQueen’s review makes it look impossible not to be watching it most seconds of all of my days. Or not to have been watching it. That’ll be corrected soon. As will my current state, of not yet having seen FEAST 2. And THE ORPHANAGE for that matter.

Author: SGJ