Michael Kimball wrote my life on a postcard, here.

Bombay Gin 37.1 one is out, with my story “The Girl in the Box.”

I’m officially hitting Stoker Weekend 2011. And WHC 2011. But, before all that, StarFest (which is HorrorFest and ComicFest for me) — on a cool zombie panel, a pulp panel, a comic book panel, and am doing some Grindhouse stuff as well. And meeting Mr. Steve Niles. Looks like I’m also on the selection committee for MileHiHorrorFest again, but am going to miss all the screenings, as I’m in South Dakota for an excellent book festival exactly that weekend.

Looks like ATBS is still alive, and, though this top-secret, is about to be more alive, even.

Completely digging THE WIRE. Only season five left.

Slipped out to Virginia Wesleyan last week, for a couple of readings, hosted by Gavin Pate. Was excellent. Very good fish, that close to the water. Or, I guess that’s what was going on.

Coming up next week, too: my zombie baseball story, “Rocket Man,” at Stymie Magazine.

And, most importantly: SCRE4M.

Author: SGJ