Werewolf short(s)

Not the kind Jacob and his pack wore for Twilight, and not the kind some certain wolfling was carving into bathroom stalls all over the southeast. I’m talking the fiction kind. This one puts me in mind of Peter S. Beagle’s “Lila the Werewolf,” or that one story of mine from forever ago, “Old Meat“):


Art by . . . I can’t tell who, sorry. But it’s very cool art. Thanks, whoever did it. I mean, thanks from all of us, because we like good stuff. And also thanks to Sloan Bailey, for directing me to this. I doubt I find it otherwise, even though I like to think all good werewolf things tend my way. And thanks to Lincoln Michel, for thinking of werewolves the way werewolves need to be thought about. I might be looking up those other books in the bio.

Author: SGJ