Werewolves out in the World, Part XIII

If you’re just coming to this at #13, here, then, welp, there’s some clicking-back, if you’re interested—lots of masks and pets and Mongrels:

First and favorite—this doesn’t even really involve Mongrels, except insofar as Scooby-Doo is so deep in my heart it could never be extracted, and my heart’s also where Mongrels comes from:

That’s at the top of this thread on fb (also, click the image for the stolen-out pic of just Velma). Sorry, I forget who alerted me to its existence (thinking it might have been Jerome Stueart?).

I know who did this, though:

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 2.59.31 PM

That’s Libby and Darren right there, yes?

And,  man, if only Brautigan had:


And, I think I like these annotations after the images instead of before, so this is just a placeholder while I shift gears . . .


Cool to be listed with John Foster, too. Think we were Shirley Jackson Award finalists together once, yes? I need to get to Mr. White. Everybody says it’s great.


It is a pretty book, yep. I’ve always been lucky with covers. Same way William Munny was lucky with what he was lucky with.

Y’all may not all know this, but Matthew Summers is some kind of evil genius. Thus the lair:


He might even have some thugs and/or henchmen arrayed around the place. And I’m completely messing up my before/after thing, here. Let’s just keep going, to . . .

A few nights ago in Seattle, when Duane at University Book Store led me over to the horror section before the event, and said pull whatever titles I’m in. It was a not unserious stack of anthologies:




So cool, thank you. Hope it stays all right:



Wow.I just did a podcast with the Unreliable Narrators where I got to talk about Lansdale:




And, a very slick review:


And, man, honored to get a second read. Thank you, Alicia—for that snapshot, too:





And, remember a time or two ago, there was a werewolf statue that seemed ripped from Mongrels? Turns out it wasn’t the only one:


Darren would love to be thirteen feet tall and bulletproof, like that. Thanks to Jerome Stueart for the headsup.

And, this only involves Mongrels in that that’s the author photo for Mongrels. But still, I get to go on this ship, hang with these people, do this weekend. Gonna be cool:



Thank you, Benjamin:



I saw Straight Outta Compton in a drive-in in Midland, Texas. Was pretty cool. I had no idea about the early days of that scene. I did have a friend in high school who played one of those albums incessantly, though, so those songs, they’re all in my head, they’re all wrapped up with 1989 for me (and a red Mustang):



And, got to do some Litsy. Thank’s ej0728, as William Gibson might have said, once upon a timestamp:

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 6.36.21 PM


And—I’ve written this on some of your title pages already (usually just one per signing/city)—but the ARCs for Mongrels, they had just three claw marks. But I A) referred back to The Howling, which of course has four, and B) knew anyway that three slashes, that’s a mad armadillo, not a werewolf. Which would be a completely different novel.





And, hey, a stack/spread I’ve only read one of—Keene’s Pressure. And, correct me if I’m way off-base, but I seem to halfway suspect that, way back in the forever ago, Jack Haringa may either have written or ran a review of Demon Theory. Cool to see Mongrels finding its way to him, now.



And, wow, so, so honored. Too cool:


Here‘s the link to that:

And here’s Mongrels in LA, via Andrew Schwarz, who’s short–filmed The Elvis Room:



And, man, look at my battery life there, yeah? It’s so rarely that high.

Got to do some more Litsy, too:



—until next time


Author: SGJ