Who Knew

Scooting through eBay the other day, looking for a good cloth version of Crichton’s Eaters of the Dead—a novel I’ll never not be in love with (though my favorite film adaptation of Beowulf is Outlander, of course)—I remembered that I’ve had a few people in my inbox and around lately asking did I have any The Long Trial of Nolan Dugattis lying around. I don’t, just have my one that I hauled around for a while, read from. But, looks like I should have secreted a box of them away, to retire on:

Guess at some point I need to get it together and run a special edition or something of this one, just so it can be read again. Need to do that with Demon Theory, too—want to publish the version I wrote in 99.

Anyway, all at some later date, in some made-up way. Right now: back to the novel I’m working on . . .

Author: SGJ