Why Horror Seduces

Man, seems forever now that when interviewers ask me why we keep telling each other scary stories, I always say it’s because we evolved to need horror, because we expect teeth in the night, we’re hardwired for it, horror just lets us feel human, but now, finally, thank you, someone smart’s saying that, and with empirical data to back it up. Would snap a pic of my copy, but as soon as I was done with it, I forced it on a friend. It’s what you do with the good books.   Anyway, this is solid, the first . . . I think it’s three or four chapters specifically. The analysis/application of those chapters to our iconic horror is fun as well, but, I mean, I know those books, those movies. What was cool here was hearing about the fright mechanisms we’ve evolved, and how, maybe, to trigger them.

And, for a taste of what he says in the book:

Author: SGJ