Willie, Waylon, and me

Or, really, I guess it was Jason (Heller), Jesse (Bullington), and me. Last night at the Broadway Book Mall—Ron and Nina of Who Else books hosting us, Mario Acavedo moderating, all put together by Mike Hance. Not sure how many people showed up, but it was a standing-room-only kind of situation. Looked a lot like:

snap: Nicholas Lubofsky

Too, anybody wanting the books we were signing last night—Taft 2012, The Enterprise of Death, Zombie Bake-Off (and probably the rest of our catalogues as well)—they’re order able now and forever through Broadway Book Mall. And, I say ‘forever’ because we’re all there pretty regular, will keep signing whatever stock’s in store.

And, thanks to everybody for coming out. Was a good time.

In somewhat related news, I hear Zombie Bake-Off is a featured title on the info desk in the gold room at Powell’s. Which of course just means—as if we don’t all already know this—Powell’s rocks.

In unrelated news, I’m burning through The Weird at an accelerated clip, and loving every page.


Author: SGJ