Writing: It Takes a Village

For the thing I’m writing right now, I of course needed info. This is just for today and yesterday, too. Here’s the process:

  • What’s a likely military-cargo plane out of the Middle East?  ➔ called my dad (retired USAF)
  • Where’s John Wayne buried? ➔ asked Google
  • How does a doctor get certified to perform surgery? ➔ facebook-mailed a doctor-friend (who’s also a writer)
  • What other Road Rage-ish kind of stories are out there? ➔ texted a friend, ended up talking about Lorenzo Lamas for many rounds, as you do (also discussed the wearing of vests without a shirt underneath)
  • What kind of plane would a doctor have, for weekends &etc? ➔ emailed another friend (USAF, and a writer)
  • What’s that Spider-Man cover with Pete in the middle, his troubles all around? ➔ asked on Twitter, and some very helpful followers seemed to already know
  • What’s a good body of water around Albuquerque? ➔ emailed a friend down there (narrowly avoided the usual slate of Walter White mentions I always have handy)
  • What’s James Stewart’s character’s name in Vertigo? ➔ “Scottie,” said Google, in kind of an insulted tone
  • How many gears would a 1981 Shovelhead most likely have, if it was somewhat stock? ➔ texted my brother, and he knew right off
  • For the details on a non-public ceremony coming up in a few pages? ➔ do I make it up, or do I ask friends who know it? I think I’ll just write it, then have one of them read it, tell me what-all I’m doing wrong, and how insulting I’m being (hopefully? some. this is supposed to be art, after all)

Which is to say? So fortunate to have people to reach out to. And hopefully I can answer questions for them as well, some fine day.

Thus ends this Hallmark card, yes. With a necessary parting shot:


Author: SGJ