Ye Olde Writing Tips

twitterFirst among them would be Don’t adopt antiquated speech patterns and/or diction for your subject lines, unless you’re Cormac McCarthy. But even he (He) doesn’t use “ye”—which, correct me if I’m wrong, but nobody did, right? It was just a tyopgraphic/typesetting shortcut, which still  got a proper “the” when read off the page.

Anyway, searching for a different email, I stumbled on this/below: Chizine hit me up for ten writing tips they could tweet out into birdland and beyond. But that was two years ago, and there’s zero chance I could ever find them, and less chance I ever stumble onto this dark corner of my inbox again, so, this post will be my preserving jar:

If the story ends up where you initially wanted it to, maybe try again.

Always leave room for your Jean Greys to come back to life.

Don’t be afraid of being funny. Be terrified of TRYING to be funny.

Stack coincidence at the front of a story rather than cheating with it at the end.

Never fall in love with your own sentences.

Read books you completely expect to hate.

Your significant other is not your first reader. Not if you want them to remain significant.

Edit your own work while pretending to be your worst, most petty enemy.

Always secretly know that every good review you pull, it’s your mother in disguise.

Never hate on the audience for not reading you. That’s always your fault.

Author: SGJ