Zizek, Pynchon, etc

  • Excited that the Savoj Zizek DVD’s going to be available soon. He’s my PKD, since PKD went on extended hiatus. Click on the poster to get to the place
  • Check out the Frank Miller cover for Gravity’s Rainbow. Pretty excellent (thanks to Rob for the heads-up). Click here. (would paste it here, but don’t want to deny them their due clicks [hey, somebody just wrote, saying that link was bad, or giving them problems, all that, so I snagged the cover, stuffed it here])
  • hey too, books I’m soon to be lucky enough to be on the back cover of, maybe, praising:
  • David Goodwillie’s Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

    Gavin Pate’s The Way To Get Here

  • also, went ahead and just looped (a version of) that Demon Theory banner. Here below. So now it just plays and plays and plays…

Author: SGJ