I think when you’re not on facebook all that terrible much—or maybe it’s this way for everyone?—when you do log on, the system serves up some of your old posts for your eyes only, kind of like giving you ideas for how a post works, I guess, or what counts as content, or perhaps it’s, I don’t know, assuming your life is a void now, so it’s time to start mining your own past for shareable stuff. Always feels like it’s saying, “Remembe…

Nearly to twenty, here. Somehow/already/amazing/cool.

Here’s all the Mongrels before:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 4.04.07 PM


And: cool, yeah? Black Hole&#

Is seventeen a prime number? I can’t think of anything that divides happily into it, anyway. Well, except the sixteen before:

And let’s start this time with a couple snapshots in words of Mongrels:

IMG_2035 FullSizeRender-2


And here’s the yellow book in my kind-of homeland of Lubbock, Texas. Cool to be up there still with Keene and Hill and Hendrix:



And, wow, thank you, John:




Happy to come in behind Bird Box:


Actually, I wrote Mongrels (and the chapter this could pertain to) a couple of months before cueing this one up. However, Peter Beagle’s famous old story “Lila the Werewolf?” I definitely knew that one.

[ Shelter from Eve Edelson on Vimeo, which his where you have to watch this one, looks like . . . ]

Check here for the first installment of these origin stories. Not sure there’ll be another. Could be, as I remember / think of.

In Colorado, it’s all about the fourteeners. Here, we’re all about the sixteener—which this is, somehow, already, after all these months. So cool, all the werewolf stuff coming my way, all the Mongrels snapshots &etc happening still. All of everything, including all the previous installments, which are going to tax my Julius Caesar numbering: 

And . . . let’s start with Litsy, the best book-place e

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