[ no ISBN yet, Steve, so no purchase point, no cover you can release, what am I supposed to do here, loser? ]

you can post a thumb of the author photo, yeah?

[ yeah, whatever. I’m sure that’s exactly what everybody wants ]

and, and I’ll kind of do a write-up that’s not a write up about the book, maybe?

ones that got away
from the back of the book :

it’s this dad, this dad on the lamb, hiding down in that old fugitive myth of Old Mexico, when he’s offere…

I remember, I remember

I remember

The night Grindhouse opened, I somehow lucked into sitting there at the Alamo Drafthouse, where the cups were special that night, matched the movie somehow, and the trailers, man: Hobo With a Shotgun, Thanksgiving, and Machete. Danny Trejo not just in a bad-ass role, but inhabiting that character. Explosions and blood all over the place. Robert Rodruguez taking El Mariachi and giving him a blade, not a pistol.

And now that trailer that could…

In a movie, no matter the genre, you will always become that which you were just pretending to be. So, this charlatan exorcist in The Last Exorcism, exposing exorcisms as fraudulent for a documentary crew, what do you think? In a horror movie, will he finally have to become a real exorcist, or might he get a pass, just get to grin his way out of the shot and go back to his happy life?

But I don’t want to spoil anything for you, either.

Most of the other reviews I checked out, they all sai…

dzanc banner

Every once in a while, something especially cool happens. Like this — two-book deal with Dzanc, for Flushboy (2013) and Not for Nothing (2014).

Which, a quick sort-of breakdown:

Flushboy‘s what I wrote when my wife said I never write any love stories. It’s this kid, pretty much indentured into working the drive-through window at his father’s Bladder Hut, a drive-through urinal. Or, it’s him, growing into himself, becoming who he a…

Most directors can do one thing just really, really well. David Lynch, say, he can follow a telephone cord up and up such that you get all caught up in the languorous spiral, and that becomes not just the whole room, but the whole story. Wes Craven, he can rig a chase through a tight hallway so that, before it’s over, you’re looking over your own shoulder. Christopher Nolan’s gift—and, though it’s there in all his work, I hadn’t realized it until Inception—it’s t…

M. Night Shyamalan had his work cut out with The Last Airbender. Not only did he have to run with a different title than the original Nickelodeon series—thanks, James Cameron—but he also had to somehow condense sixty-one episodes (1342 minutes) into something feature length. Or, the trailers didn’t tell us otherwise, anyway, but let me happily spoil that for you: he doesn’t try to cram all sixty-one episodes into a hundred and three minutes. I haven’t searched it …

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