remember in It’s Alive when that monster baby’s born and just chews his way through the delivery room? or when Victor von shouts to the heavens that It’s alive! It’s alive! thinking something like that for this. been waiting a long time for Zombie Bake-Off to become the kind of real people can see on a shelf, swallow into their heads. so, like the monkey said when its tail got caught in the lawnmower: Won’t be long now. Click here for the announcem…

by the guys over at Booked. I think we were supposed to go in the area of thirty, not more than forty minutes, so, you know, fifty two, that’s us just completely exercising control, I think. but, I mean, we were talking about zombie and slashers and werewolves (a bit), about horror and hospitals, about writing and writers — how’d we ever find a stopping point, right? Right. And, I re-listened to make sure this was up to their usual standards (to make sure I hadn&…

7SPNBack in 2005 or so, I was under contract to write a sequel to All the Beautiful Sinners for Rugged Land — they’re gone now, but they were hot for a while, and produced some gorgeous books, and, as far as I know, did the first ever serious book trailer, too (For Henry’s List of Wrongs) — and it was supposed to be a sequel, this “Seven Spanish Angels,” a title I was of course ripping off, but also, it was a title that I felt would keep me honest. Becuase, I mean…

got a story in here, with some very cool people, whom I’m about to paste across from guest editor Cameron Pierce‘s post:

Feature Novella: The Obsese by Shirley Jackson Award-winner Nick Antosca. Imagine The Birds with obese people instead of birds and you’ll have a slight idea of what this brilliant social satire is all about.

Also featuring:

Fiction by Stephen Graham Jones, Bradley Sands, Andersen Prunty, R.J. Sevin, Matty Byloos, J. David Osborne, Kirste

Reading now:

last wwolfGlen Duncan’s The Last Werewolf. Will this werewolf be the only one to know regret? I’m only about a third through, but that’s a third in hardly any hours, so I’ll know soon. Anyway, completely digging it. Because, you know, it’s about werewolves, but also because it’s written so, so well. And, I mean, werewolves are fast, are perfect hunters—why wouldn’t they also be able to just reel off perfect lines page after page, right?

Also jammed through …

hey, first little bit of my 2014 novel Not For Nothing (Dzanc) is up over at the excellent Dirty Noir. Not For Nothing‘s second-person, small-town detective, and, for the first time, it’s set in the town I mostly grew up in: Stanton, Texas. Was so cool going there again in fiction, on the page. Can’t wait for everybody to see the rest of this one, but, for now, click here to go there.

dirty noir

Here’s a bit of writing you don’t see much of anymore:

Stonehill was not in a quarrelsome mood that morning, indeed he was not snorting or blowing at all but rather in a sad, baffled state like that of some elderly lunatics I have known. Let me say quickly that the man was not crazy. My comparison is not a kind one and I would not use it except to emphasize his changed manner.

Okay, first, “Elderly Lunatics I Have Known” would be a great title for just about anything. A poetry bo…

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