Brief mess-up

I hope? Just noticing that, since I updated themes, some of the bookpages are formatting oddly (Chainsaw, Mannequins, Memorial Ride, “Wait for Night”—all the recent stuff). Can’t figure why . . . yet. I think it might have to do with them being Pages instead of Posts (here in WordPress). Will investigate when I have time, here. Apologies in the meanwhile for any weirdnesses.


Edit, update: yep, this theme’s displaying WP Pages . . . wei…

Border Crossings

As KT Oslin said once and forever, “Me I cross the border / every chance I get”:

Some new headshots

I mean, not HEADSHOTS — I’m not a zombie. Nor am I model, or an actor. So, really? These are just some SNAPSHOTS. Because I hadn’t had any author-photo-type things done in a while. And, not-professional (with COVID, it’s hard to schedule . . . ), just black-and-whited in Mac’s Preview, but maybe usable? For something? At least they’re not old. I never dig using old photos.

Anyway, they’re all over at the Cutnpaste Bio page here on the site…